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Related article: Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 12:17:50 EDT
Subject: extra money 7This story involves sex between two teenagers. xxx lolita girl sites
If this offends you or you are
not of legal age to read this story then please leave now. Otherwise I hope
you enjoy this story.I enjoy the feedback I've been getting and I hope to get more. Although this
story has almost came to a completion I feel that from the feedback there
just might be a couple runoff's. So I hope you enjoy the story and just to
state the characters in this story have never done any this to my knowledge
this is a fantasy.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~So after Josh2 Scott knew that this was the end. He looked up at Ryan who is
a soccer player and looks just like one. He is about 5'7'' dark brown hair
that usually grows just long enough and has a slim but built body. He has a
nice developed chest and a great stomach with nice abs. So Ryan was standing
there in a pair of running shorts and tee-shirt ready for his turn at bat and
by the looks of his shorts he was very ready. So scott walked up to him and
slid his hand up Ryan shirt and caressed his chest. As his hand came across
Ryan nipples scott pinch them and tug at them making Ryan ten times hornier.
With his other hand scott reached around to Ryan nice ass and slid his hand
down his shorts. As scott pulled Ryan close to him Ryan started to grind up
against scott. Then the un thinkable happen Ryan and scott kissed. Scott at
first was mind boggled because this was just supposed to be a meaningless
blow job how could it turn out to be this.
But felling that he liked it a lot scott went along with it and kissed back.
Then after a few seconds scott broke the kiss and yanked Ryan's shirt off
right over his head and now scott say what he had always gawked at in the
locker room close up and couldn't wait any longer. So without warning scott
tugged the running shorts down to the ground revealing a pair of boxers that
were white with green and blue vertical stripes. And to scott liking he
noticed that right in the middle was a huge tent that needed some work on.With one swift movement scott had his lips around Ryan's cloth covered pole
and was sucking it. With this Ryan started letting off major moans of
pleasure. After a couple sucks up and down and licking Ryan's dick scott
pulled Ryan's boxers down and revealed the sight he's wanted for so long.
Ryan's 9 1/2 inch dick. Scott went to the huge balls that were hanging low
beneath the dick and put them in his mouth one at a time sucking fondling and
licking them. Ryan let of screams of pleasure as Scott's tongue slipped up
the his shaft to the tip and his tongue licked around the piss slit and
around the head. Ryan was in pure heaven now and didn't want to stop and
neither did scott who was by now an expert at this job. So Scott fotos xxx de lolitas sucked Ryan
right down to the base and then slowly came back up wrapping his tongue
around the shaft adding even more pleasure as he came up. He continued to do
this for about ten minutes until Ryan started to get close. When he got close
Ryan grabbed the back of scott's head and just started to slam his mouth.
Ryan was screaming as scott used his tongue to caress his dick and bring him
even closer. Then with the thrust getting stronger Ryan started to shot out
load after load of hot juicy sticky cum. It went all over Scott's face and
chest lolita girls nude pics
but the majority went into his mouth. Scott continued to suck Ryan
getting every last drop out until Ryan started to go limp again. and for the
first time all night Ryan talked "Man scott that was amazing I've never had
an orgasm so great. Heres my phone number call me next week when your not
busy maybe we can umm do something" and he gathered up his clothes and head
out. On his way out he handed his money to Josh and then left. Josh looked at
scott and said "See wasn't that great now its my turn""Josh just let me tell you something, I'm not excepting money from you nor
are you getting a simple blow www lolita gallary com job"Josh said "WHAT after all....." Scott cut him off "Why just a simple blow job
when we have all night.TO BE CONTINUED

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